There have been SO many studies done over the past several years that prove time and time again, working remotely – as in from your home office – is better for the worker, better for the company, and (it kinda goes without saying) better for the ‘ol carbon footprint. 

Could this concept someday contribute to saving the world?

I can hear the chuckling and heckling in the background. Think about it. All one needs in this day and age is a couple of pieces of equipment, a gadget or two, and a WiFi connection to successfullybe engaged ‘offsite’ in work and communication with clients and team members.

Call it working with a freelancer, working with a consultant, telecommuting, virtual assistant – call it whatever you like. ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’, as a famous playwright once wrote in one of his infamous plays.

It’s simply (I say simply, but I realize it’s difficult for many), being able to let go, and having a bit of faith in the individuals and teams you’d be working with.

So, who needs to let go? Oh, maybe managers. Maybe the corporation as a whole. Maybe just plain ‘THE MASS MAJORITY OF EVERYONE ON THE FRIGGIN PLANET”…?

Let’s face it, the mass mindset for working remotely, hiring freelancers, letting someone else take over the responsibility of getting done what you need done, (someone who takes care of their OWN business: health benefits, time off, bookkeeping, time management etc. yet still produces and meets and/or exceeds your expectations) is something very few still embrace.

It makes my brain hurt. It makes me want to sit in the middle of a dimly lit room on a fold-up, uncomfortable as hell chair, all by myself and scratch my head for hours on end until I have no hair left.

Considering where we are in a technological sense, I ask you – WHY? I ask you WHY NOT? There are so many projects and tasks that don’t require a warm body to be sitting in a distracting office environment taking up space, utilizing equipment, and being unproductive because of all the interruptions and distractions being hurled at them throughout the day.

We have WiFi. We have Bluetooth. We have video and chat communication. We have Cloud technology. Did I mention email and the ability to transfer all manner of files ‘through the wires’ as it were? We have all kinds of tools and equipment to make working remotely successful.

Yet, because of the mass mindset, the concept is still like an unborn fetus. The whole idea is still pretty much in the womb, being nurtured (by those who know how well it works), waiting for the right moment to be truly born and embraced.

SO, why not have yet another ‘come to Jesus’ about how the benefits outweigh (what you may think) the cons might be of outsourcing your workforce. Although I’ve only listed five reasons for the pros and cons, I could no doubt offer up a bazillion mind-boggling more.

Pros Of Hiring; A Consultant, A Freelancer, Another Professional Who Helps You Get Things Done

  1. Simple Delegation: you delegate , let your consultant handle the rest, and sit back and be WOW’d
  2. More Money In Your Pocket: Guess what? You don’t need to find space for this person, pay benefits or taxes, worry about unproductive downtime.
  3. Again – More Money In Your Pocket: ex., Estimates indicate the cost of hiring an employee at 50k/year is costing your business 20% of their salary
  4. Yet Again – More Money In Your Pocket: No insurance; workers comp, unemployment, etc.
  5. No Distractions, READ: more productivity from the person(s) you’re depending on: you get your project completed in record time, and your expectations are not only met, but (sometimes –  we don’t live in a perfect world) exceeded.

Cons of A Consultant, A Freelancer, Another Professional Who Helps You Get Things Done

  1. You can’t control a consultant like you can an in-house worker.
    (You can’t be a freak about control. * Light Bulb* – If you’re a control freak, this ain’t gonna fly. You need to have faith that another professional (just like you) is going to follow through and give you what you paid for).
  2. If you hire a consultant, you’ll have to think outside your cozy little box.
    (Well, you HAVE to think outside your cozy little box. * Another Light Bulb * – If you can’t think outside your box, hang it up and keep paying all those taxes you pay, for having actual employees. Keep watching their productivity wax and wan. You DO know what the definition of insanity is don’t you…?)
  3. If you hire a consultant, you can’t supervise them.
    (News Flash!  A freelancer is not someone who needs (or wants I might add) to be supervised. You need to remember they are a business owner too. If you’re not happy unless you’re micromanaging, keep doing what you’re doing with your in-house people).
  4. You’ve had consultants in the past, and they didn’t work out.
    (Why do you think they didn’t work out? Re-read the words above).
  5. Consultants cost too much.
    (Another News Flash! Yes, they most likely DO charge more per hour than you’d pay an employee. The HAVE to. They pay their own taxes. Do the math. How much does it *really* cost to hire an in-house employee, or even put someone on your payroll for a short amount of time? Think about payroll taxes, workers comp, short-term disability, not to mention unproductive – yet paid for – time taken by every employee in the Universe).

I could go on forever singing my praises about how hiring an off-site ‘consultant’ can save you time, money, all kinds of headaches, how they can actually save the world by not being in your office, and how much more productivity you’ll get out of them.

But I won’t.

I’ll bring my commentary to a close by saying that I’ll keep doing what I’m doing (and in some circles that may be insanity), and hope that companies, small businesses, and other self-employed individuals will STOP what they’re doing, get a clue, and start moving in the right direction.

Save the planet. Hire a consultant. Growing your business is all about taking chances, right? You took a big one when you decided to form your sole proprietorship or your corporation. Now let’s see how we can work together and take your business to higher ground.


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