Communication And Scheduling Management


Standard Hourly Rate: $30/hr. with 2 hour minimum. Custom monthly retainer packages available at a 10% hourly rate discount with a 4 hour minimum per month. Inquire for more info. Work For Hire Agreement (E-Sign) required. You will be sent a link to E-Sign the WFH Agreement under separate cover. 

  1. Immediately after purchase, schedule a consultation to talk about your scope of work. This is necessary before any work commences. Work will not begin on your project or tasks until we determine specific tasks, hours, timeline, your WFH Agreement is E-Signed, and we have discussed your project and/or tasks.
  2. You may schedule your consultation anytime during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Schedule your consultation.
  3. You must have a Client Area account set up at Keep It Simple Admin. This your online office for document transfer and account management. Register your Client Area Account here.
  4. For 10% discounted monthly retainers, please get in touch and we’ll customize something for you. Monthly retainers are offered at a 4 hour minimum per month. Retainer agreements  are invoiced (sent via email with payment link) directly to you and a link to E-Sign the Monthly Retainer Agreement will be emailed to you .
  5. Work will commence within 24 hours after payment, initial consultation and WFH Agreement E-Sign.

Need to talk or ‘scope it out‘ before you proceed with this step? There are several ways to get in touch; through the CONTACT US page, or send an email to annie [@], or just give a call during regular business hours to 505.395.6779.


  1. Scheduling Management: Keeping your schedule and you up to date, reorganizing schedule to meet your needs, sending reminders
  2. Email Management: Sorting through the nonsense, attending to the important stuff, responding to emails on your behalf accordingly, keeping your inbox clean
  3. Virtual Call Management: Virtual reception by forwarding your phone to KIS Admin during regular business hours, taking calls and dealing with callers (your clients, customers, personal matters) in a professional manner, taking messages and forwarding to you as appropriate
  4. Customer Service Management: Interacting with your clients/customers in a professional manner, taking care of their requests, fielding questions, keeping everyone happy


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