Need to talk or ‘scope it out‘ before you proceed? There are several ways to get in touch; through the CONTACT US page, or send an email to annie [@], or just give a call during regular business hours 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM Mountain Time – 505 395-6779.

  1. Consultation required to determine SOW (free consults available available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Schedule your consultation
  2. eSign WFH Agreement (link to E-Sign WFH Agreement will be emailed to you).
  3. Standard Hourly Rate: $30/hr. with 2 hour minimum for all non-retainer tasks.
  4. Discounted monthly retainers available, please inquire (4 hour monthly minimum required, payment for coming month required up front).
  5. You will be invoiced directly (PayPal invoicing) for payments due. All payments are DUE & PAYABLE UPON RECEIPT.
  6. Payments processed through PayPal (All major credit cards, PayPal Balance, checking account direct debit).

Communication And Scheduling

Communication and Scheduling Services at Keep It Simple Admin

  1. Scheduling Management: Keeping your schedule and you up to date, reorganizing schedule to meet your needs, sending reminders
  2. Email Management: Sorting through the nonsense, attending to the important stuff, responding to emails on your behalf accordingly, keeping your inbox clean
  3. Virtual Call Management: Virtual reception by forwarding your phone to KIS Admin during regular business hours, taking calls and dealing with callers (your clients, customers, personal matters) in a professional manner, taking messages and forwarding to you as appropriate
  4. Customer Service Management: Interacting with your clients/customers in a professional manner, taking care of their requests, fielding questions, keeping everyone happy

Proofreading, Copy Editing

  1. Copy Editing: Have your book, manuscript reviewed prior to submitting to literary agents, review of technical documentation, work instructions, general correspondence
    • Correspondence: electronic and hard copy, Web and Blog content
  2. Proofreading: Check spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization, formatting and style consistency, word flow and sentence structure
    • Ensuring your document is completely free of errors

Database Management

  1. Configuring and designing, updating, queries
  2. Data entry, running reports and backups
  3. Maintaining database integrity

Desktop Publishing

  1. Newsletters,  Cloud based newsletter design, formatting, scheduling, running reports; MadMimi, MailChimp, Vertical Response, ConstantContact etc.
  2. Marketing collateral: Business card design, logo design, forms, letterhead, newsletter design, eBooks, PDF downloadable files
  3. Sales collateral, company and product fact sheets, client lists, Online collateral: Web and Blog content, mission statements, Press Kits

Keep It Simple Admin works with Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat and several cloud based companies and software applications

Document Management

  1. Electronic document management
  2. Configuring electronic files for uploading/downloading from Web site
  3. Capture, storage, retrieval
  4. Formatting and making user friendly and easy to find
  5. Scanning documents to PDF
  6. Updating



Excel Spreadsheets

  1. Database for contact management and other
  2. Charts, graphs, formulas
  3. Templates; accounting and finance, general

General Business Consulting

  1. Strategize and brainstorm, problem solve
  2. Marketing plans, business plans
  3. Online presence, how to implement projects
  4. Personal development, time management
  5. Practical advice on business structure and needs

Microsoft Word Processing

  1. Letters and General Correspondence
  2. Technical documentation
  3. Manuscripts
  4. Work instructions
  5. Booklets, eBooks
  6. Marketing collateral
  7. Invoices
  8. Brochures and calendars

Social Media Management

  • Setting up social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc.
  • Maintaining posting schedule
  • Hootsuite scheduling
  • Maintaining accounts
  • Working with plugins and app

Project And Virtual Team Management

  1. General administrative support for teams, managing virtual projects, keeping everyone updated
  2. Scheduling meetings and online venues, Working with online collaboration and project management software; Google Apps and Docs, Basecamp, Slack, Flow, etc.
  3. Communication to make sure everyone is on the same page; Email, chat, telephone
  4. Setting up video and chat conferences; GoToMeeting, Skype, Zoho Cliq, WebEx, etc.

Web Design, Development, Blogs

  1. Setting up hosting and domain registration
  2. WordPress sites, blogs, Etsy, eBay, Amazon and other shopping sites
  3. Shopping carts, chat software, WooCommerce
  4. Maintenance, Working with plugins, widgets
  5. Site optimization, search engine submission, Reporting