What is your version of administrative support? Truly…? Can anyone do this type of work? In my humble opinion, it takes a technically and people oriented person with a genuine desire to be of service to some one, or some entity.

It’s been a long row to hoe for the average admin assistant. Gone are the days when all you needed to be able to do is sit at the front desk and look pretty in your killer corporate get-up, maybe fax a document or two, or answer phone calls in a timely, professional manner.

Nowadays, a good admin support professional has to wear many hats. You not only need to know the basics like answering phone calls in an intelligent and welcoming way, being able to file things away in their proper place, use the fax machine and order office supplies. An admin pro needs to be technically oriented and well versed in many software programs, able to do basic computer trouble shooting, think on their feet, and sometimes, even make a few *executive decisions*, And this is just scratching the surface!

If you think you already know what an administrative support professional really is (and does or should be capable of doing) read this article by Julie Perrine, CPS/CAP at AllThingsAdmin.com It just may give you a brand new perspective.

Defining What Your Administrative Support Really Means

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